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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. What do I need to run this program?
    A. You will need a minimum of Java 1.50 (available here), to check whether you have java 1.5 or not go to a command line and type "java -ver". This will tell you
  • Q. Will Revelation run on my **** platform?
    A. Revelation is coded in Java and therefore is platform independent; it will run on all machines that have Java
  • Q. Is Revelation Vista compatible?
    A. See above answer
  • Q. Does Revelation support compression and encryption?
    A. As currently revelation relies on the fact that you can't find what your not looking for, it currently does not support these features, however, WinZip 11.0 (for windows) now supports compression and encryption (up to 256 bit AES cipher), so you can simply hide an encrypted zip file in the cover image if you are worried about the data being discovered
  • Q. Can I have the source code?
    A. My entire project's source code is available for download, visit the downloads page. Please reference me if you do decide to use it
  • Q. Will there be updates for this project?
    A. Yes, I will try in my spare time to improve Revelation, if there are any changes, it will definitely be mentioned on this website